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You're My Cup of Tea: DIY Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

At Home Shoppe, we love a good cup of tea so much that we probably have the kettle on at least 2-3 a day and even more lately with this cold front in NYC.  When we started thinking about cute DIY projects for Valentines day, this sweet idea was a no brainer. 


For this project, you will need:

  • Square coffee Filters
  • Needle & Thread
  • Loose Leaf Tea (we used Harney & Sons raspberry tea to make it pink)
  • Sturdy Paper (we used cupcake toppers from the $1 section of Target) 


1.) Fold coffee filter into quarters so that you have four squares.

2.) While the filter is still folded, draw half of a heart on the folded line.


3.) Cut out hear on the lines your traced and voila! Two matching hearts.


4.) Sew hearts together almost all the way, leaving a small hole to fill with tea.


5.) Fill with loose leaf tea in the hole


6.) Continue sewing the hearts together, leaving about 5 inches or so of thread for heart message.

7.) With leftover thread, stitch on heart message. If you'd like you can also just staple it on.


8.) Make as many as you'd like, package in a cute tin, and give to your valentine :)

It's as simple as that! Let us know what kind of tea you choose and no matter what the flavor we hope you have a great Valentine's Day with someone special.

Emily + Erick